Are You Popular?

Are You Popular?

A “social guidance” film from post-war America, brought to you by the Prelinger Archives.

I remember these films from school. Everyone I knew laughed at these things. Laughed? “Shrieked” would be a more apt description.

One can only ponder how they might have been an influence on the beat and hippie movement.


3 Responses to “Are You Popular?”

  1. Lola Lyndon Says:

    “Why did they invite Carolyn to the table? … Is it because she seems as interested in girls as she is in boys?”


  2. Lola Lyndon Says:

    Hey! That was was damned good common-sense advice and good manners!

    And I liked her mother’s suit.

  3. Kevbo Says:

    Those are always completely hilarious.

    Yup. The influence on the hippy and beat movements must surely be complete revulsion at the codification of behavior and morals.


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