The Bad Flowers (Fleur de mal)

The Bad Flowers
A short film by Jimmy Hickey

Starring Kate Gilmore as Madeleine
Clare McNulty as Liz
With Ryan Batjiaka as the pet dealer

Written and produced by Jimmy Hickey

“Octopus watching then became my new modus operandi–all I could do for hours on end. And yet the creature never emerged. I was stuck. I was living in a pool of stagnant pond water. Each day watching myself becoming more and more engulfed by the festering growth of my own obsession. I couldn’t tear myself away. I had built my world as I promised and now I had to live there and nowhere else. And still the octopus did not emerge…”

watch the film (work-safe)

We’ll still consume our souls in subtle schemes.

Demolishing tough harness long before

We see the giant Creature of our dreams

Whom all the world is weeping to adore.

Some never knew their Idol, though they prayed:

And these doomed sculptors with an insult branded

Hammer your brows and bosom, heavy-handed

In the one hope O Capitol of shade!

That Death like some new sun should rise and give

Warmth to their wasted flowers and make them live.



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