William S. Burroughs’ TOWERS OPEN FIRE

Towers Open Fire
Photo montage uploaded by Bunaen

Towers Open Fire by Tony Balch and Bill Burroughs is often ignored in discussions of avant-garde film.

Towers Open Fire is a montage of scenes from Burroughs’ “cut up” novels. In fact the film shows how it is done. Pages are cut up and reassembled into prose.

More watchable than a pure Dadaist exercise, it is still anti-bourgeoisie at heart, and it is a trial of one’s sensibilities. After all, the aim of surrealistic cinema is “deliberately to try the patience of the audience” — Man Ray

I like the flicker “Dream Machine” that appears from time to time. Intended to be viewed with one’s eyes closed, the flicker Dream Machine supposedly induces hallucinations without the use of drugs.

Those who are familiar with Burroughs novels may recognize themes from his books in this full frontal onslaught. Enjoy!

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