A Celebration

Los Razos, originally uploaded by Vidalia.

What does the image of the band have in common with the gorgeous portrait below?

breeze, originally uploaded by Tundrabuni.

And what do they have to do with a celebration?

This post, a celebration of corpulent women, is inspired by Lola Lyndon’s post, Fat.

The group. Los Razos de Sacramento, celebrate big beautiful women in their Banda music video, Mi Gordis.

A little background info may be useful. Banda is the familiar Mexican oom-pa brass band music inspired by German immigrants who settled in south Texas and northern Mexico.

Mi Gordis” is a Mexican term of endearment meaning roughly “My Fatty“. Except for the fact that “Mi Gordis” could apply affectionately to either a male or a female, the term might be more accurately translated as “My Plushie.”

Personally, I am overweight my self. However, I prefer my significant other to refer to me as “Pleasantly Obese“.


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